Building a Collapsible Marching Machine

Last Update: 12/31/11

Marching Block FinishedMarching Block Collapsed

A marching block is a acoustical device that simulates the sound of a battalion of people (got to be pc) marching.  Here is the method that I used to build mine. 

(Click pics for bigger view.)

Marchng Block DesignPeg Assembly


Marching Block 1Parts 1

  1. Cut wood into 4 pieces. 2- 33 in long and 2- 20 in long

  2. Drill holes for the eyebolts in 1 short and 1 long piece according to plan.

  3. Cut dowel into 2.25 in. pieces and drill a 1/4 in. hole in the middle.  Use a larger drill bit to counter sink the holes for the bolts on the bottom of the pegs.

  4. Sand/stain/paint/whatever the wood.

  5. Assemble the frame as shown.  You may have to drill additional holes in the hinges to assure secure mounting.

  6. Secure the upper Left corner by drilling 2 holes in the long piece

  7. Put 2 screws through the holes into the other piece to act as pins to hold it together.

  8. Use the hasp to lock the 2 pieces together.  Upper Right Corner 1

  9. Mount the eye hooks and bolts in the frame and attach rope.

  10. Assemble pegs and attach to rope bolting securely

  11. Mount handle in a convenient position.

  12. Collapse by removing the pegs and undoing the removable eyebolts.  Wrap them up and secure them to the permanent eyebolts.  Use 2 of them to hole the collapsed machine together as shown in photo.

Wood 4

Pegs 3

Pegs 1

Total Cost: ~ $30