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My name is Dan.  I'm 27.  I play the drums (been playing for 23 years).  I'm currently employed as the Parks and Recreation Director for the Mendon Parks Department.  I serve on the board of Mendon Parks Commissioners, the Mendon Community Preservation Committee, and the Mendon 350th Anniversary Committee.  I also work part time in a local elementary school cafeteria. 

    In addition to all that, I am a freelance percussionist in the New England area.  I perform regularly with the Metropolitian Wind Symphony.  I also do pit bands for musicals, fill in with various music ensembles, march in parades, and any other music opportunity that comes along.  Contact me if you need a drummer/Percussionist.

This web page is a collection of my various projects as well as my concert schedule and resume.

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My Concert Schedule

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Calculator Programs

Music Stand Light

Recording Light

Building a Marching Machine

Building a Set of Wind Chimes

Building a Portable Table Out of an old Bass Drum Stand

Building a Set of Tubular Chimes



Piano Tuning